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Particular Baptist Press

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Particular Baptist Press

Reprints and Original Works

Highlighting the Doctrines of Grace in Historic Baptist Literature

Particular Baptist Press have as their goal the opening again of those wells of spiritual soundness and beauty that characterized the mainstream of the Particular Baptist witness of former days. By providing instructive and edifying literature in a quality, collectible format which we trust will appeal to the earnest, sincere Christian, we desire to make known again the lives and works of those who went before us in the faith, and from whom we can learn much.

Works available from the Particular Baptist Press


Exposition of Genesis - John Gill
Exposition of Psalms - Samuel Pierce
Exposition of John - John Gill

Exposition of Romans - John Gill
Exposition of Hebrews - James Haldane
Exposition of Galatians - James Haldane
Exposition of 1 John - Samuel Pierce

Personal Reccomendation
from Rev. David G. Farrow
Hethersett Reformed Baptist Church

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I have been collecting and using these commentarries for some time now and I have found them to be invaluable with regard to my personal study and sermon preparation. Each volume is clearly presented and laid out, they present the thoughts of these great Baptist pastor's, many of them in verse by verse formate. In my opinion these commentaries are a must for any person engaged in the study of God's Word.

Other Works Available

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Life & Works of Joseph Kinghorn Volumes I, II, & III
British Particular Baptists - Volumes I, II, & III
The Works of Abraham Booth
Calvinism & Communion in Victorian England
A Cluster of Camphire: Words of Cheer & Comfort to Sick & Sorrowful Souls

Book Sales through HRBC

To purchase any of the above books, please contact us
we will then be able to provide you with the price and availability of each volume.

Please note that books purchased through this web site do not have any additional charges added, our aim is not to make any form of profit, but to see that good historical Reformed literature is made aviable to all.

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